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Becker Law staff includes Pauline Flynt, a Certified Paralegal, who has been with the firm 14 years.  Her areas of concentration are Guardianship, Probate and Medicaid.  Sharon Colosi is a paralegal with a degree from Daytona State College. She has been with Becker Law for three years.  Prior to that, she worked as a medical office manager.  Her areas of concentration are estate planning and real estate.

Florida elder law, estate planning and real estate attorney -- for peace of mind

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We offer comprehensive planning to address:

  • Health care issues -- be sure your wishes are known, avoid guardianship
  • Asset protection and transfers -- conserve assets, avoid probate
  • Business formation and dissolution planning -- resolve disputes before they arise, avoid litigation
  • Real estate transactions -- avoid unexpected results or failed deals
  • Planning for the care of minor children or disabled persons -- preserve eligibility for government benefits
  • Marriage, remarriage, unmarried partner issues

You can avoid the emotional and financial costs of formal guardianship and probate, real estate deals “gone bad,” business disputes, and worries about nursing home costs.  Health, business or financial crises can sap your energies, destroy your peace of mind, and ruin what you’ve worked a lifetime to build.

In “Patriot Games,” author Tom Clancy explained an ace pilot’s success: “His body never went anywhere his mind had not been before.”  This is also true of good legal planning: prepare for the unexpected or unpredictable.  Don’t think your estate is not large enough to benefit from planning.  It’s even more important to conserve smaller estates and businesses for the people you love.  By taking control of your own future, you can preserve as much of your wealth as possible.

Our goal is to help you make informed choices.  We explain and discuss your needs and goals.  We prepare and explain the appropriate estate planning documents specifically for you, and advise you how to ensure they do the job.  We serve clients all over Florida, including Volusia, Flagler and surrounding counties.

Call us to review your current documents or to put an estate plan to work for you.  We will give you peace of mind.


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